Peak production and decline rates of 22 Bakken producers since 2014

The article, based on official, well specific production/runs  data until the end of 2016,  has been published here.

Because the reliable determination of the IP30 value of a well requires several months of post IP30 production data,  the published data end with the first half of 2016.

Update April 2017

With February production data out, 3th quarter 2016 productivity numbers approach final numbers.

It appears that Bakken average 3th quarter IP30 rebounded from the weak 2nd quarter performance back to the 1st quarter value around  655 bopd. Preliminary fourth quarter data indicate a further increase. Full year 2016 average IP30 could thus be 5% higher than the 631 bopd of the first half of 2016. 

With a total of just  190 wells with IP30 in Q3, the numbers for single  companies become too small for meaningful analysis.